quinta-feira, 29 de novembro de 2012

Ryan Stinson

I´ve been listening to a lot of hip-hop last days and i found this amazing EP "Futura", produced by the tallented canadian producer, Ryan Stinson.

It was first released in early 2012 but Stinson released two days ago a new deluxe edition with remixes of some of his favourites collaborators. 

The beats and the vocals are perfectly combined in tunes that makes our head float in space and time. 

Big Up for Stinson 

Ryan Stinson - Rain (Remix ft. D-Sisive) by URBNET Ryan Stinson - Plunge (F. Virtue and mikedecline Rain Remix) by URBNET Ryan Stinson - Melt (Virtual Flannel Remix) by URBNET Ryan Stinson - Move On (Remix ft. Kay the Aquanaut and Open Mike Eagle) by URBNET Ryan Stinson - Melt (ft. Ghettosocks) by URBNET

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