segunda-feira, 26 de novembro de 2012


Noyce, the young experimental beat producer from manchester, just released another great work on the last 22 of November.

Rough Sound it´s just the confirmation of how good this guy is! Moment´s good EP had already shown what his capable of.

Pure ambient sounds with the future electronic vibes full of ecletic noises making anyone trip in their minds. Fusing experimental hip-hop beats with nature sounds and the chill vibes.

When you listen to Noyce you will feel like you'r in the woods in full contact with a strange nature full of new sounds.

You can listen the entire new album right here or in his bandcamp,

I leave you 4 more sounds of Moment´s good just because it is really good!

Noyce - Ongoing by Sunday Records Noyce - Always by Sunday Records Noyce - Lucy by Sunday Records Noyce - With you by Sunday Records

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